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Massimo Cerofolini
Professional journalist, has conceived and conducts, on Radio 1 Rai, Eta Beta, dedicated program...
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Massimo Cerofolini
Professional journalist, he has conceived and leads, on Radio 1 Rai, Eta Beta, a program dedicated to the innovative ferments that invest society – from the web to the economy, from leisure to culture – and that looks with particular attention to the young protagonists of this great transformation underway. It also tells about the phenomena of innovation in the Radio Rai Morning Newspapers (Gr1, Gr2, Gr3). As a screenwriter, after attending the Rai-Script Course and the New York Film Academy, he wrote the subjects and screenplays of television miniseries for Rai such as Papa Giovanni (2002), Mother Teresa (2003) and Papa Luciani (2006); under the pseudonym Elia Contini he signed the screenplay for the television miniseries for Canale 5 Il Generale Dalla Chiesa (2007). Graduated with honors in Law, he also worked for Paese Sera, L’Espresso, Italia Oggi and for Tg3. He received a special mention from the jury of the Ilaria Alpi Prize in 1998 and the Smau Prize for Innovation in 1995. Married to Paola, he has two children, Esther and Teo.
Massimo Cerofolini
Massimo Cerofolini
Nino Germano
Journalist Rai – Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Broadcaster and radio newspaper.
Nino Germano
Journalist Rai – Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Broadcaster and radio newspaper.
Nino Germano
Nino Germano
Jenny Pacini
Journalist, Director of Periodic Abruzzo Economics
Jenny Pacini
Abruzzo Economy
Journalist, Director of Periodic Abruzzo Economics
Jenny Pacini
Jenny Pacini
Abruzzo Economy

The Visionaries

Gennaro Strever

President, Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara

Paolo Arrigoni

Energy Services Manager GSE S.p.A.

Giuseppe Tripoli

General Secretariat, Unioncamere

Full Professor of Electrical Systems for Energy at the “Sapienza” University of Rome. He teaches Smart Grids in Master’s Degree Programs in Electrical Engineering and Energy Engineering. He has participated in international working groups and is a member of the scientific committee of international conferences. He has been a special issue editor for MDPI – Energies magazine and is a member of the Editorial Board of the same magazine. He has participated in more than one hundred research projects and/or contracts funded by both public and private institutions, both national and international, and for more than half he was scientific director. In recent years, his research has focused on the design and management of MT distribution networks, smart and micro grids. He is the author of over two hundred twenty publications presented at national and international conferences or published in international scientific journals. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Research on the Energy System – RSE S.p.A, and Chairman of the Scientific Board of the same company.

Alberto Geri

The management, modernisation and construction of new electrical transmission infrastructure in the territory entails the need to have a series of technological solutions that, depending on the different environmental contexts, can allow to pursue the best intervention.

Roberto Spice

Terna Rete Italia S.p.A.

Antonio Romeo

Director, Dintec, Consortium for technological innovation of the chamber system.

Contract Professor of Fossil Energy Sources, Externalities and Climate Change, University of Teramo and former Professor of Design Thinking for Green Technologies, University “Alma Mater Studiorum” Bologna. Member of the Research Group “Energy for Italy” coordinated by Prof. Vincenzo Balzani. Author of publications on the subject.

Enrico Gagliano

Energy for Italy

Ivano La Pergola

President, Chieti Chamber of Commerce Development Agency Pescara

Michele De Vita

Secretary-General, Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara

General Director of Si.Camera and Deputy Secretary General of Unioncamere. He created 14 editions of the Giro d’Italia of women who do business, enhancing and disseminating projects on a European scale through the Forum of the Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic and Ionian. He has collaborated on 3 editions of the National Corporate Report in general.

Tiziana Pompeii

Yes.Room – Unioncamere

Pierantonio Macola


Gaetano Fausto Esposito

Director, G. Meat Cutting Centre

Giovanni Marcantonio

Development agency, special company Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara

Tosca Chersich

Manager of Promotional Area, Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara

Founder and partner of the training and consulting company dedicated to digital marketing The Vortex and already CEO of Become (the former Pangora), Andrea Boscaro graduated with honors from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan in Political Science. During his Erasmus year in Britain, he has been able to understand since the 1990s how much the Internet can represent a revolution in society and in the market.

After a brief experience at Omnitel 2000, he worked for 4 years as a business development manager at Lycos Italia managing agreements aimed at enriching the portal both from the editorial point of view and from the revenue lines. Since April 2004 he has been involved in Pangora (later joining the American group Become) extending its partnerships, notoriety and turnover. Author of the volumes Digital marketing for e-commerce. Techniques and strategies to sell online», ‘Web-marketing techniques’ (, ‘Bring customers to our shop with the Internet”, “Doing Digital Policy” and co-author of “Digital effect» published by Franco Angeli, is a trainer linked to the themes of e-business, social media and digital publishing.

Andrea Boscaro

The Vortex

I have been working for a long time in the Italian chamber system, dealing with the design, coordination and management of complex projects in the field of orientation to work and entrepreneurship and business creation.

Caterina Pampaloni


Christian Corsi is Full Professor in Business Economics and Director of the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Teramo. He is coordinator of the PhD course in Economic and social sciences and is a professor of business communication teaching.

Christian Courses

University of Teramo

Damiano D’Amici is the Head of Product and Co-Founder of AstraKode. He has a strong background in business intelligence and data analysis. He worked as an analyst for Smart Shaped, where he had the opportunity to deepen knowledge about blockchain and low-code development, key knowledge then applied in the development of AstraKode Blockchain.

Damiano D’Amici

AstraKode s.r.l.

Diletta Parlangeli is a professional journalist, after her experience as an editor for two freepress newspapers, she becomes freelance. He has been collaborating for years with national, daily and periodic newspapers, mainly dealing with entertainment and technology. It comes from printed paper and arrives at the small screen: in 2017 she began attending television as a presenter and author (“Kudos”, Rai4, “Web Side Story”, RaiPlay). As soon as Ulysses’ mermaids on the radio call, he answers: RaiRadio2's speaker is aired every weekend and conducts different formats of the broadcaster. For Rai Play he thinks and leads “Play Digital”, a magazine dedicated to innovation and new online languages. Photographic passion came with insistence.

Diletta Parlangeli


WEEKO: Action programme aimed at the development of decent social work, the reduction of technological inequality and environmental pollution

Donated Colleluori

Xera srl

Social media manager and content creator for companies and professionals. Awarded by Pinterest Italia as one of the best content creators in Italy and selected by TikTok Italia to teach in a webinar for L’Orèal Italia the best social strategies.

Eleonora Plevano


As a Data Specialist, I take care of the analysis and interpretation of data to obtain meaningful insights. With experience in machine learning, in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, I guide our customers in the interpretation and strategic use of information.

Eleonora Talpacci

Metisoft srl

Fabiano Izzo, the CEO and Co-Founder of AstraKode, has extensive IT knowledge, with over 16 years of experience in enterprise software design and development. Fabiano is also co-founder and CEO of Smart Shaped Software, an IT company that has been operating in Fintech since 2015.

Fabiano Izzo

AstraKode S.r.l.

He has held various positions at ICE, serving abroad at the offices of New York, Moscow, Sofia, Tel Aviv and most recently Athens, with the task of setting up the ICE Office.

Fabrizio Camastra

Ice Agency

Federico Fioriti

Innovalley Association of Innovation Promoters

Since October 2021, he has been managing the ICE office in Tirana and the PdC in Pristina.

Francesca Mondello

Ice Agency

Born in Perugia in 1972, after graduating with honors in Political Science, he entered, in 2000, in the roles of the ICE. Within the Agency he performs numerous tasks at the Headquarters and the Foreign Network. From 2002 to 2004 he was seconded as an expert at the Ministry of International Economic Relations of the Republic of Serbia. From 2011 to 2016 he was Deputy Director of the ICE Office in Beijing, with competence in the consumer goods sector, and then, until 2020, he was Director of the ICE Office in Algiers. Since September 2023, he has been Director of the Marketing Coordination Office of the ICE Agency.

Giorgio Calveri

Ice Agency

Giuseppe Di Marco

Legambiente Abruzzo

Synologue, University Professor – Expert in Cooperation and Economics of Emerging Countries and China, works at the ICE Agency where he follows the Export Flying Desk project dedicated to Italian SMEs.

Laura Gabrielli

Ice Agency

Luca Pagliari

Journalist and Storyteller

After graduating in agriculture, I launched “Antico Seme”, a hemp food startup. In 2017, I founded a second one, acquired in 2019 by a Dutch holding company. Until 2021, I managed the largest hemp crop in Europe for them, leading 250 employees. Subsequently, I made an exit and reinvested in my projects: Kulto. With Kulto, we develop high-tech cultivation chambers, leveraging artificial intelligence for advanced hemp cultivation.

Lucio Boschi

Kulto srl

Competent in the fields of furniture, woodworking, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles, clothing, leather goods, footwear, eyewear, tourism, nautical, housewares and equipment, publishing, graphics, packaging and related machines; foreign trade news and conjuncture country.

Manjola Mumajesi

Ice office Tirana

Marco is Business & Data Analyst of AstraKode. He deals with market analysis and business data, driving Q & A activities and providing feedback for product optimisation. He developed analytical skills as a data analyst at Smart Shaped and was involved in the AstraKode project from the beginning.

Marco Ferretti

AstraKode S.r.l.

LM in Linguistics and LM in Business Management and Digital Technologies; Many years of experience as an export manager in the agri-food sector.

Matteo Trombin

Ice Agency

For 23 years in the system of Chambers of Commerce in favor of the development of the territory, of enterprises and of society.

Paolo Cortese

Study Centre of the Chambers of Commerce G. Meat Cutters

As Head of Data Analytics, I lead the development and guidance of the community. I take care of the functional and technological supervision of the proposed solutions, facilitating the sharing of information and providing training paths. I manage BI-AI (Microsoft and SAP) and Microsoft 365 projects for the development and governance of the proposed solutions.

Raffaele Camilletti

Metisoft SpA

Originally from Padua, married and father of two children, Roberto Rampazzo is regional director of Coldiretti Abruzzo but also covers the directorships of the provincial federations of Teramo and Pescara. For over 35 years at Coldiretti, he began his career as local secretary in Monselice and was immediately appointed deputy director of the Padua Federation. Since 1995 he has been entrusted with numerous directions including Ancona, Pordenone, Imperia, Vicenza, Venice, Alessandria and Reggio Emilia in which he imposes his leadership for determination and sense of responsibility, always oriented by a strong attention to the needs of companies for the overall growth of the territory both in terms of services and trade union policy. It has been in Abruzzo since 2022.

Roberto Rampazzo

Coldiretti Abruzzo

Aguacarbon’s co-founder and chief operating officer, with more than a decade of experience as a product designer in the fashion industry, has developed an advanced and multidisciplinary vision of design and sustainability. His continuous commitment to training has enriched his skills over the years. Currently, its main objective is to apply this extensive experience in the nautical industry. Working for leading brands in the luxury fashion industry, he honed his skills in brand management and optimisation of business strategies. Her skills, deriving from a combination of academic training and practical experience, allow her to actively participate in various projects, which are not limited to the world of fashion but all share the goal of developing products with a positive impact on the environment and society.

Sara Di Battista

Aguacarbon by Neotecmar

After his scientific maturity, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Architectural Engineering – Since 2004 he has worked in Verindplast srl (Industria specialised in painting c/thirds) as HR Manager, then in the role of CFO. In 2018 it also became part of the company.

Sara Solomon

Verindplast Srl

Silvano Pagliuca

Confindustria Chieti Pescara

Particular signs: guitarist at every “cost” (considered what he spends on his guitar collection). It is actively engaged in training and accompaniment to the creation of businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies who want to innovate their business. He created the Young Entrepreneurs group and believes that not only interests, skills and skills are enough to design a good business, but also values, intelligence, sense of humor, level of education, goals and many other things. He is responsible for the Cambiamenti Award, the CNA contest that rewards the innovative thinking of Start Ups. His motto: “Thought creates value”.

Silvio Calice

CNA Abruzzo

Simone Cosimi is a professional journalist, collaborating with numerous national newspapers including Italian Tech, La Repubblica, Green & Blue, D, DLui, Wired Italia, VanityFair Italia, Oggi and Esquire Italia. It follows several areas including technology, innovation, culture, lifestyle and border territories, pushing towards a multidisciplinary approach. Former editor of the cultural monthly Inside Art, for which he edited art catalogues and publications such as the quarterly Sofà, he worked in the past, among others, for Rockstar, DNews, Excite, and many other publications. Speaker, moderator and essayist, he is author with Alberto Rossetti of "Nasci, Cresci and Post. Social networks are full of children: who protects them?” (New City 2017) and “Cyberbullyism” (New City 2018). In January 2020 he published his third book, “For a Fist of Likes-Why Social Networks Didn't Like Dissent” (New City).

Simone Cosimi


The best ideas come not from reason, but from lucid and Visionaria madness.

Erasmus from Rotterdam