In Pescara, the hub for the innovation of the Italian chamber system is born

Nov 22, 2023 | Press releases

Great participation in Visionaria at the Marina di Pescara tourist port, scheduled until 24 November, which becomes the reference point for all chambers of commerce in the field of sustainability and innovation

& <Visionaria either the mile that indicates the way to go. It is with these words that Giuseppe Tripoli, secretary general of Unioncamere, opens the third edition of Visionariaexpressing full satisfaction with this event that is becoming a national reference point for innovation. & <Visionaria it is the emblem of what the Chambers of Commerce will have to do to support SMEs. Sustainability is not like a hundred years ago the limit to development but the leverage that triples the benefits.

Sustainability is the main theme of this third edition of the chamber innovation festival and it was on sustainability that the moderator of the first day, the journalist Massimo Cerofolini, host of Eta Beta, format dedicated to the new IT frontiers, focused his speech showing how environment and technology are now the faces of the same coin, that of the future, which brings together opposite realities such as Singapore and the Amazon.

From sustainability to energy transition with a round table, chaired by President Gennaro Strever, in which Antonio Romeo, Director Dintec, Paolo Arrigoni, GSE president, Roberto Spezie responsible for Terna Spa technologies, the contract professor of the University of Bologna Gagliano and the president of Legambiente Abruzzo Giuseppe Di Marco spoke.

The programme of Visionaria continue in the afternoon with the Prize Visionariathe prize prize dedicated to the best idea and start-up of a company, the result of a first selection by the competitions on technological innovation in Abruzzo. It continues tomorrow morning with the Prize Storie di Alternanza aimed at high school students for the enhancement of the best courses of work school alternation and, in the afternoon, with the opportunities ICE – Institute of Foreign Trade for the internationalisation of companies and the Tour of Women who do business with the Invitalia innovation manager Luigi Gallo who will be present, at Visionariato present all new funding for female entrepreneurship. Visionaria it will close on November 24 with the SMAU stage in Abruzzo.

President Gennaro Strever: & & I want to remember that, three years ago, when in the middle of the lockdown we could hide in our comfort zones, we decided to jump past the fence, aware that it was time to give our contribution to address a series of issues that can no longer be postponed in our country. Such as, for example, the acceleration of digitalisation, the defence of the environment, dialogue with young people, the enhancement of women’s entrepreneurship.  But above all, the energy problem that still makes our legs tremble today if we imagine the worst that could happen. All themes that had been put in the background and that, in the silence of those days, shake our consciences.  So, instead of just doing the ordinary, we thought we'd do something extraordinary by creating something extraordinary. Visionaria>>.

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