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Oct 24, 2023 | Press releases

The Innovation Festival presented this morning of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara that, this year, sees the partnership of SMAU

Abruzzo with its START UP is the region that has aroused the most interest in the companies that were present in SMAU Milan and it is for this reason that Visionaria was chosen as the stage of its national roadshow. To say this is the president SMAU Pierantonio Macola who spoke, this morning, in the press conference of Visionaria, the innovation festival of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara and its Development Agency, now in its third edition.

These are his words: << Look at the market, open up to collaborations with companies not only local, but also national and international: this is the key to growing and strengthening the ecosystem of local innovation. Following the involvement of a selection of startups from Abruzzo in the SMAU events in Paris, London and Milan, we are pleased to announce the first SMAU appointment in Abruzzo, next 24 November, which will be an opportunity for meeting and dialogue between the different protagonists of the innovation chain: startups, established local and national companies, enablers. A moment of synthesis, but also a point of connection where you can consolidate the relationships connected during the year and start new synergies.

A three-day event, at Marina di Pescara, to take stock of the state of the art of the digital and energy transition. In this regard, the first day will be opened by a round table on energy with the participation, as well as of President Strever, of names of international appeal: Alberto Geri – Associate Professor of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome; Paolo Arrigoni – Chairman of GSE Energy Services Manager SpA; Roberto Spezie – Head of Technology Department of RIT Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. Rome; Antonio Romeo – Director Dintec.

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, in the most difficult period since the second postwar period in Italy, in the Chamber of Commerce we created Visionaria – opens the press conference President Strever – The idea was to make a contribution to our territory and our country, trying to look to the future, imagine it in a better way, put together thinking minds, in order to contribute to writing it and not to suffer it passively. And it is in this same spirit that our council and our junta will continue to administer the chamber that I represent.

It starts on 22 November with the moderation of Massimo Cerofolini, radio host RAI for Etabeta, the broadcast that talks about new technologies: after a morning dedicated to energy, there will be a moment dedicated to the Visionaria Prize, in which all the start-ups selected from the local competitions on innovation will converge. The second day will be the turn of high school students, with a national award on the most interesting projects in terms of innovation, and women, with a stopover of the national initiative of Unioncamere “The Tour of Women Who Do Business”. Again: a moment for the internationalisation of companies, curated by ICE – Institute of Foreign Trade and a final day, November 24, entirely curated by SMAU.

Another big news of this edition is a room dedicated to artificial intelligence, aimed at companies, to understand its opportunities, potential and various applications in the fields of business, internationalisation, communication and privacy.

Also this year we confirm the commitment of the Abruzzo Region and the Department for Economic Development, chaired by Daniele D’Amario, in the organisation of VisionArt, an experiential area in which there will be equipment and experts available to meet and learn about the new technologies of 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, educational robotics.

Finally, a hackathon, in collaboration with XERA SRL to give a second life to technological waste products.

Closes Ivano Lapergola, President of the Development Agency: In the stimulating search for the balance between vision and reality “Visionaria” strengthens its vocation as a meeting point of the regional ecosystem where the excellences of Abruzzo can compare, experimenting and seeking a profound transformation inside and in relations with the outside thanks to Open Innovation. In this path, the Development Agency is always present to make the link between innovation, internationalisation, creation and business start-ups even more rooted and efficient.

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