Visionaria 2023: two days to the innovation festival of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara

Nov 20, 2023 | Press releases

All ready for the third edition of Visionaria, the Adriatic innovation forum of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara scheduled at the Becci pavilion of the Marina Marina of Pescara from 22 to 24 November.

TBoscarore days open to the public, full of interesting news, in which, says the claim of the initiative, “will stage the future”. First of all, the room dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, where we will discuss the risks and opportunities of the A.I, together with the experts of the company The Vortex. Andrea Boscaro, founder and trainer: "A Visionaria, it’s the first birthday of GPT Chat. What better opportunity to ask us about the developments of artificial intelligence, always remembering one thing: the one. A.I. will never replace man but, on the contrary, will blow up all his potential.

Great attention paid to women, with the Giro di Italia of women doing business, in which the head of the Innovation Business Unit of Invitalia Luigi Gallo will illustrate all the funding currently available for companies in pink. Antonella Marrollo, President of the newly formed Committee for Women Entrepreneurship: We are proud that Unioncamere has chosen Visionaria, for his roadshow dedicated to innovation. Chieti is the third province in Italy for the number of female companies but from the point of view of technology the landscape is not so rosy. Understand why and look together for a solution, this is the meaning of the round table that will be held at the Marina of Pescara on 23 November from 17 to 19:00”.

The beating heart of this edition, as recalled by Ivano Lapergola, President of the Development Agency, the stage of the roadshow of SMAU and VisionArt, an exhibition space available to visitors, populated by young creatives and digital craftsmen, created in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region. Giovanni Marcantonio, Deputy Director of Development Agency: «For all three days of the event there will be an exhibition area, with 10 workstations, dedicated to manufacturing 4.0, digital craftsmanship and new innovative technologies applied to production processes. Large 3D printing, virtual reality, prototyping and 3D modeling, laser cutting, sensors and augmented reality are just some of the technologies you can immerse yourself in at VisionArt.

One last word encloses Visionaria, : young people. Talent and young talents will be the protagonists of the first day with the Prize Visionaria, it will collect the finalists of the prizes of the trade associations that carry out competitions in the Abruzzo region for startups and innovative business ideas: Changes in CNA AbruzzoInnovations of Confindustria Chieti Pescara Section of Innovative Services, Oscar Green by Coldiretti Abruzzo. To these competitions, we add the StartCup Abruzzo, competition aimed at university research projects and/or related to the university world, always promoted by the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara, the Development Agency and the Innovalley Association – Innovation Promoters adhering to PNI CUBE and now in its 5th edition.

In closing, Gennaro Strever, president of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara: ‘Visionaria, it is part of a very important historical moment where it is necessary to ask ourselves where we are with investments in innovation and sustainability, with the NRRP and with one of the main themes of the future, the energy transition. This is precisely what we will discuss in the opening round table on Wednesday 22 November, together with the journalist RAI Massimo Cerofolini and colleagues Antonio Romeo, Director of Dintec, Alberto Geri, Professor of La Sapienza University, Paolo Arrigoni, President of the GSE Manager of Energy Services SpA, Roberto Spezie, Head of TECHNOLOGIE Directorate RIT Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. Rome, Enrico Gagliano, Professor of the University of Bologna and Giuseppe Di Marco, President of LegAmbiente Abruzzo”.

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