2021 edition

A competition between groups of startups, creatives, students and entrepreneurs, long the duration of the event, with the aim of finding a solution to a need posed by the partner company. The protagonist of this first edition is Honda Italia that would like to recover and reuse production waste.

The opportunity to see your project realised.

Main partner

The winning project:


  • Maristella Diodati
  • Regina Finocchiaro
  • Samuel Hernandez De Luca
  • Antonello Vespoli

The project “RRR” pass through 3 key points, summarised in 3 keywords: Reduction — Reutilisation and re-innovation.

It evolves in 30 years, having as its final objective the realisation of a “zero impact” scooter.

I Mentor of Visionaria Hackathon 2021 

Federica Pesce

Co-founder of Melting Pro and Head of Storytelling. He designs and coordinates national and international cultural projects related to lifelong learning and the development of territories.

His challenge is to transform information into knowledge, through the use of techniques such as digital storytelling and participatory design practices. PhD in Arts Design and New Technologies 



Lucia Zappacosta

President of the Cultural Association Metro Olografix, artistic director of Alviani ArtSpace, professor at Isia of Pescara and the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone, since 1998 he deals with issues related to technological innovation and circular economy exploring the new frontiers of contemporary and the contamination of artistic languages. 
PhD in Politics, Languages and Culture of Communication Professo

www.luciazappacosta.it  | @luciazappacosta 

Athena D’Orazio

With a university background in the field of Social Sciences, he is taking his first steps in Eurodesign.

Co-founder of Youth Solidarity Travellers Aps, where she deals with non-formal education and European youth mobility.

Co-founder of Clean Up Pescara that since 2018 promotes environmental sustainability and spread of an environmental and social ecological awareness in the territory.

Collaborator at the association Deposito dei Segni Onlus that aims to spread culture and art in the forms of dramatic, visual, plastic and multimedia arts.

                    Sky is (not) the limit. 


Nicola creates

Car designer for Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Giannini and Cisitalia. He has carried out professional activities in various companies and also as consultant in the field of vehicle and boat design. He was in charge of teaching in schools and universities in Italy and abroad, also directing the Transport Design course at the University of Coventry. At the University of Chieti he founded and directed the CISME, a laboratory for the study of eco-sustainable mobility. He is currently associate professor at Politecnico di Milano, where he has taught courses in product and car design, creativity and design thinking.


Angelo Bucci

Graduated in Architecture, with a specialisation in Product Design, he founded deZign Studio in 2000 and deals with Product Design, Design Management, Graphics, Fashion Design, Yacht Design. He collaborates with various companies, in Italy and abroad, broadening his point of view on Design Thinking. Since 2002 he has been teaching at various universities to arrive in 2007 at the European University of Design, of which he became Head of the Department of Interior and Product Design in 2009. He also has the role of Head of External Projects and Head of the Internationalisation of the EAPO. For one year he has also been elected by the MUR to the Board of Directors of ISIA Pescara. Since 2009, he has been conducting research on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Design, with a focus on Systemic Design and High Craftsmanship.

Francesca De Simone

Executive Project Assistant and Assistant for Communication of Innovalley, I collaborate on the creation of an Open Innovation system between the realities of the world of knowledge, the business world of Abruzzo and the territorial institutions and, to this end, I manage a section of Promotion of the activities and realities involved in the network. Graduated in 2020 in Economics of the Environment and Territory at the University of Turin, I developed a Research Thesis within the Innovation for Circular Economy, developed in partnership with the Scientific Technological Park “Environment Park” and Confservizi North West, and, thanks to a background progress in International Relations, I actively cooperate in the realisation of territorial development projects based on Technology Transfer, Social and Environmental Innovation. 


Michele Teodoro

Graduated in Management, Finance and Development at the University “G. d’Annunzio” in 2020, currently collaborates with BelieveNStart in fundraising and business consulting. He works closely with startups in the Abruzzo region, in particular in the definition of financial economic objectives.


The Regulation

Hackathon Regulation

The Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara presents the first edition of Visionaria — Hackathon aimed at startuppers, entrepreneurs, designers, communication experts, developers, project managers, engineers, economists. Three days dedicated to circular economy practices.

Thanks to the strategic alliance with Honda Italy, participants will be challenged to design a product or process that takes into account the life cycle of materials and its industrial application potential.

The Hackathon will be an opportunity to develop its project with the support of experienced mentors, present during the event. An engaging experience to meet people who share the same passion for design, design, innovative materials, reuse of materials.

Participation is open to groups already trained during registration (from a minimum of four to a maximum of 6 people) or to individuals who, after registering as such, will be grouped into working teams by the event staff on the basis of the personal skills indicated with the support of the organisation.

The winning project, chosen and decreed by Honda, will have the chance to be tested and tested.


Visionaria 2021, hereinafter “Hackathon”, is conceived and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara, based in Chieti, Largo G.B. Vico 3, in collaboration with the PID, Punto Impresa Digitale, Agency of Development — Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara, HONDA ITALIA, InnoValley and with the support of Metro Olografix, Melting Pro and ADECCO.


The Hackathon is open to those who are interested in innovation, circular economy, product design, who bring with them an interesting process idea to be developed in the context of competition.

The challenge of this first edition is the application of a virtuous circular economy system for plastics used in Honda’s production cycle.

The solution required is a feasibility study or a technical solution for the management of different plastic materials and a business model that puts it in the field of environmental protection with a social and economic impact.

“Nice to have” added value: a process map end-to-end on the different roles necessary for the process within the company functions (e.g. purchasing, logistics, production, etc.) and outside (e.g. suppliers, public bodies)

The Hackathon is aimed at startuppers, entrepreneurs, designers, communication experts, developers, architects, programmers, data analysts, artists, creatives, data.

Participation in the Hackathon is free of charge and is reserved for natural persons aged 18 and over.



The hackathon will take place from 17 to 19 November 2021 at the Pavilion Daniele Becci c/o the Marina Tourist Port of Pescara, Lungomare Papa Giovanni.

For any technical and organizational needs, the Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to change days, times, and venue of the event by communicating on the official website of the event www.forumvisionaria.it.



Participation in the Hackathon is completely free and will be allowed to 6 working groups consisting of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 people.

Of the six groups, 4 will be selected from those already composed when submitting the application (startups/enterprises/study groups established,) the other 2 will be made up of individual applications that the organisation reserves the right to aggregate according to the requirements set out in point 4.3.

To register for the Hackathon you must register the Team or the individual by filling out the online registration form on the site www.forumvisionaria.it from 12.00 p.m. 10 November 2021 e by 7:00 p.m. of the 15 November 2021, by entering all the requested data, with the indication of personal data, acceptance of the Regulation and the granting of consent to the processing of personal data and the use of images and videos by the organisation of the event that will be realised during the initiative.

Each member is aware that the personal information provided when registering on the Site is true and that any decision taken by the Hackathon organisation will be unconditionally accepted. Any records that are incomplete or containing untrue data will result in the exclusion from the Hackathon.

For those admitted to the competition, it will be carried out, during the accreditation phase, the verification of the declared details.

Registration does not guarantee participation in the Hackathon.


The teams or individuals selected according to the criteria indicated in the Rules will receive a

official confirmation of participation in the Hackathon at the e-mail address entered during registration.

With an e-mail after the aforementioned official communication will also be provided all the details of the initiative and all the information useful to reach the place where the competition will take place.


Honda Italia has identified some of the preferred skills in setting up the working groups.


  • Advanced knowledge on plastic management systems in industrial realities;
  • Knowledge in the preparation of a business model
  • Knowledge of Project Management
  • Communication knowledge for the study of the promotional initiatives of each project

Experience gained:

Good: chemical process for the production of raw plastic (ABS, PP,...)

Base: industrial processes for the production of plastic parts (packaging, boxes and scooter parts)

Base: industrial painting (liquid solvent painting on ABS material)

Good: technologies for the chemical treatment of plastic waste

Good: business Case Analysis and Feasibility Studies


For groups and individuals, the principle of the temporal order of registration will always apply.

The groups will be managed according to the logistical and organizational needs of the Chamber of Commerce.

Each participant can join only one team. Each team must be identified by a name chosen by the members. The names of the chosen Teams must not in any way refer to companies or trademarks that are not owned by them or use expressions that incite violence, discrimination, obscenity and/or defamation, under penalty of exclusion of the Team from the competition.

Teams cannot be changed during the competition and the abandonment of even a single component will result in the exclusion of the Team from the competition.

By accepting these Rules and participating in the Hackathon, each participant undertakes for the duration of the competition to use the venues in which the competition will take place, as well as any materials and equipment made available by the organisation, with the utmost care and diligence and to strictly comply with the rules of safety and conduct provided by the Chamber of Commerce and to be liable for any damage caused to persons or property.

Participants in the Hackathon acknowledge that the participation is free of charge and that it does not give rise to any right to receive compensation, in any way, and/or reimbursement of any expenses.

Access to the exhibition pavilion is only allowed with a green pass.


The eligible teams will be asked to design, during the duration of the competition, a product or a process for the recovery of plastics, in order to investigate the potential of its application in the industrial field. Honda will provide all the necessary features in the initial brief and during the course of the event.


The work carried out by the teams for the competition will be evaluated and judged by HONDA.



The Hackathon will start at 10:00 a.m. on 17 November 2021 and end at 12:45 p.m. on November 19, 2021.

The start of the competition is scheduled for 12:00 on November 17 and the delivery of the canvas and presentation by 11:00 am on October 19th.

After training the Teams, Participants will devote themselves to the definition and development of projects with the aim of creating a presentation to be illustrated to the company for their evaluation.

The use of any technology will be allowed. Participants will work with their laptop/device and other hardware equipment they deem necessary for the development and design of the process.

The Teams will have at their disposal a group of mentors with the task of following and helping the Teams to define the design idea and support them, during all the hours of the competition, for the purpose of the realisation of the canvas.

In the event that a Team, or even just one of the Team members, decides to leave the competition before 11:00 on November 19, 2021, the canvas will not be evaluated and the Team will be automatically excluded from the competition.

Upon expiry of the duration of the competition, each Team must submit its own draft according to the instructions provided by the organisation.

The Hackathon organisation will provide all participants with free Wi-Fi connectivity.


Participants will be able to use the resources made available by the Chamber of Commerce and HONDA ITALIA such as images, photos, texts, etc.


The company will analyse and evaluate, in its exclusive and unquestionable judgment, all works presented by the Teams regarding the validity of the ideas and the innovative strength of the projects presented.

The project will have to be provided on a business model canvas provided by the organisation and must be submitted before the award ceremony.

A facsimile of the model will be made available on the Visionaria website page dedicated to the hackathon.

Evaluation criteria (provided by Honda Italy):

  • Technical maturation level of each solution (verified by prototyping test)
  • Economic feasibility evaluation (considering different volume — Tons)
  • Know-how maturation level (considering skills and expert in place)
  • Teamworking effectiveness (focusing on multi-disciplinary integration)
  • Presentation skills effectiveness (focusing on competitive and critical factors)

For each criterion, each member of the committee will assign, at the end of each submission, a vote from 0 to 10 that will help determine the position of the Team in the ranking.

The winner of the Hackathon will be the first Team to score the highest. In case of equal merit, a new vote will be carried out between them until a separate winning team is identified.

The first classified team will receive as recognition of its merit the validation by the company itself that will then decide whether to make the idea available and usable.


Each Participant shall ensure that the project developed:

  1. does not contain any trademark, logo or other element protected by industrial property rights or copyright owned by third parties, or that, where third party rights exist, the participant has previously acquired all the necessary authorisations and licenses from the relevant holder;
  2. does not infringe any other third party’s rights, including, but not limited to, patents, industrial secrets, rights arising from contracts or licenses, rights of publicity or privacy rights, moral rights or any other right worthy of protection;
  3. is not the subject of a contract with third parties;
  4. contains no defamatory content, representation, outrageous consideration or any other content that could damage the name, honor or reputation of the Chamber of Commerce or any other person or company;
  5. contains no threat or content intended to intimidate, harass, or mistreat a person’s private life;
  6. it does not constitute a violation of applicable laws and does not contain content that encourages unlawful conduct.

In addition, each Participant:

  1. declares that, in case its Team is the first ranked, the project presented will be made available and usable, experimentally and exclusively, to HONDA:
  2. acknowledges that each project submitted and/or carried out is the property of the Team that assumes the burden and full responsibility for the protection of the same and the inventive and/or original aspects through the means for this purpose prepared by the law (registration, patent or similar, as applicable);
  3. acknowledges that any publication by HONDA or the Chamber of Commerce of the project on websites and social networks will involve visibility to the public and that HONDA and the Chamber of Commerce assume no responsibility in case of use and/or abuse of the idea and/or possible development and realisation of the same and/or the project related to it by anyone who had become aware of it through access to websites and social networks, giving up for the effect to make any claim for damages and/or compensation against HONDA or Chamber of Commerce for any reason, reason and/or cause.


The participants authorise the Chieti Pescara Chamber of Commerce to process personal data and to use the images and videos made during the initiative.


Participants who do not comply with the provisions of this Agreement will be excluded and removed.

Regulations and those who, through fraudulent or unauthorised manoeuvres, hinder and/or attempt to alter the proper functioning of the rewarding mechanism and, in any case, to compromise the success of the entire event.

Therefore, participants undertake to observe these simple rules of conduct:

respect the other participants;

not to use expressions that incite violence, discrimination, obscenity and/or defamation; avoid offensive, defamatory, vulgar content that violates privacy or is contrary to applicable law and advertising content or that has political/ideological and religious content;

avoid developing projects with clearly non-thematic content;

— do not violate copyright, trademarks or other rights reserved;

— comply with privacy rules;

— you will not be able to request external support (e.g. via email/chat and messaging in general)

— respect anti-vid measures such as: green pass and temperature control for access to the location and mask always worn inside.


The personal data collected by the Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of managing the participation and conduct of the Hackathon must be truthful.

The recorded data will be included in a database owned by the organisation, pursuant to Personal Data Protection.

Pursuant to the Law, the user declares his/her permission in favour of CamCom so that it can send it information about its services, sponsors and collaborators, including by e-mail or by equivalent or similar means. To unsubscribe write an email to segreteria.generale@chpe.camcom.it  Subject: “Removal of personal data”.


Participation in the Hackathon is subject to compliance with the rules established and set out in these Rules that each participant declares to accept in its entirety at the time of registration.

For any and all disputes arising in relation to these Regulations and the competition shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of PESCARA.

Support and Coordination

Advertising and Attraction

The best ideas come not from reason, but from lucid and Visionaria madness.

Erasmus from Rotterdam