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The Challenge

Being able to make a useful contribution to the development of the country in an even more critical context for citizens and businesses has faced us with the need to choose what to value, what to innovate, how to continue to make Visionaria a significant event, useful, of value.

Hackathon Visionaria
Hackathon Visionaria

A vision of the future of energy

During the first day of Visionaria 2022, the central themes for the development and growth of the territory such as energy, technological innovation, digitalisation and sustainability will be discussed.

We will discuss the real possibility of approaching energy independence and in particular of thermoelectric power.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Congress of the Adriatic Ionian macro-region

The 12nd Congress of Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Adriatic Ionian area will be hosted as part of Visionaria 2022.

The congress, in the field of sustainability and innovation, aims to provide an interregional perspective on best practices and challenges prevailing in increasing the economic empowerment of women and entrepreneurial activities in the Adriatic Ionian macro-region.